What is a Wall Bed

A wall bed is a bed which can be tipped up, or pivoted away flat against a wall, when not in use, freeing up valuable extra space for other uses during the day.

Advantages - wall bed

Our Wall Beds can be used with 'off the shelf' mattress's and are not propriety due to our unique Wall Bed design. Soft, hard or Orthopaedic Mattress, your choice.


A good quality wall bed will have been designed in such a way that there is sufficient space to leave all the bedding, including the pillows, in place when the bed is pivoted away.

What to look for?

Whilst there are numerous wall bed designs around, many of them fail to provide the comfort, convenience and ease-of-handling available from a well-designed model.

Points to Consider

Does it fold away complete with a proper mattress and all the bedding – including the pillows? A good wall bed will be suitable for use EVERY NIGHT.

Does it have a Good Base?

Some wall beds come with wooden slatted bases, These are breakable and are not recommended. They are better suited to use with foam, not interior sprung, mattresses.

A Firm base is important

The Wall Bed Furniture shop Wall Beds are designed with a 'firm' base. Sprung mattress's are designed for a firm base allowing us to give our customers the option to buy there choice of soft/hard/orthopaedic mattress's.

Adjustable Springs

You can adjust the spring 'tension' to make the bed lighter to use. This is easy to do or we can adjust them for you when we install the wall bed.

Our wall beds are designed for Ease of use.

Unique Selling Point

The wall bed is designed to be used on a daily basis and last a 'Life Time'. The corners of the wall bed are 'rounded' to avoid problems should you accidently walk into the bed after a good night out!

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